Get Ready

Your customized spray tan session appointment will be approximately 30 minutes. The session will include a pre-hydrating elixir, bronzing solution, sticky soles (adhesive flip-flops), disposable undergarments and drying process.

  • Disposable undergarments are provided. Clients are also welcome to bring undergarments/bathing suits for their session.
  • Men may choose to wear their own item while being sprayed or they may choose to wear one of our boxer shorts disposables.

The spray tan will last 8-10 days with proper maintenance. gorgeousGLO always suggests using Infinity Sun maintenance products to assure maximum results.

So that you may enjoy your tan right away, the spray tan bronzer will provide immediate color. The bronzer will wash off after the first shower (which should take place no less than 8 hours after your tan). The bronzer acts as a topical color, and your long-lasting tan will start developing within 6 hours. The sunless tan color will be maximized within 24 hours of your spray tan session.