Locals We Love: L.T. Brady

A beauty guru in her own right, LT Brady is a multitasking entrepreneur with not one, but two companies to help us primp pretty. From style saving night caps (they work miracles!) to nail polish in the most stunning array of colors this is a girl after our own hearts…

GG: Tell us what inspired you to launch Style Saver and Pistol Polish?

LT: Style Saver was born from need — I was so dissatisfied with my existing shower caps and frustrated because I would spend so much time or money (or both!) on a blowout and inevitably ruin it in the shower when my old cap slid back and exposed my hairline to moisture.  I used to put a terrycloth spa headband on and then my shower cap on over it, in a futile attempt to protect my hairline and block moisture from sneaking up into the cap, and then one morning I realized I could make the 2-step process into 1-step by attaching the band to the cap.  I also knew that there had to be a better option than terry cloth, which actually pulls moisture in rather than repel it, so I experimented with neoprene and the Style Saver was born!

Pistol Polish has a somewhat similar origin story — I was frustrated by nail polish that claimed to be long-lasting but then chipped almost immediately.  I did some experimenting and research and found that you could have ethical polish (D5-free, vegan, FDA approved) AND have it last longer than major brands.  Once I knew that was possible I felt compelled to share it with other women who, like me, want to look good because it makes them feel good, but don’t want to waste time unnecessary doing constant touch ups.  With Pistol, you do your nails once and you’re good for the week.  With Style Saver you do your hair once and you’re good for the week.  Done and done!

GG: Tell us about your first significant “Ah-Ha” moment in your career?

LT: My first job out of college was working for Scripps Networks Interactive in NYC.  I was so ballsy, it was nuts (…pun intended) – I constantly asked for what I wanted and frequently got it.  I started as an Assistant and within 3 months was promoted to a Coordinator, and a year later to Manager.  Looking back, I was so direct because I honestly didn’t know any better — it didn’t even occur to me that I shouldn’t ask for what I felt I deserved or that I needed to “put my time in” before asking for a promotion or raise.  The realization that “you don’t know unless you ask” was a big ah-ha moment for me!

GG: When away from the office what can you be most likely found doing?

LT: I love cooking and am actually a professionally trained chef!  Totally random but it’s my hidden talent and I use it every day!

GG: What projects are you most proud of both inside AND outside your profession?

LT: Inside of my profession I’m most proud of how I took a tiny idea and made it into something real.  Style Saver is a totally new product, and I was able to materialize it and share it with other women – it’s pretty cool!  Outside of my profession I’m extremely proud of the family I’ve built for myself which, in my mind, includes my friends new and old.  Moving to Charlotte from New York was a big change but it really feels like home to me now and I’m very proud of that feeling!

GG: What local cause most has your heart?

LT: Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  I’ve had a little sister named Jordan since I moved to Charlotte 4 years ago and she’s a joy.  The organization does incredible things for children and adults alike — I always leave my “dates” with Jordan feeling like she taught me more than I taught her.  Mentorship on any level is invaluable!

GG: What little known tidbit about you would the Charlotte community get a kick out of knowing?

LT: I was a competitive fencer in high school! RANDOM!