Locals We Love: Jordan Eicher

Lake Norman resident and reigning princess of pretty primping, Jordan Eicher, took a break from her busy schedule as Mary Kay super star and mother, to be interviewed for this weeks Locals We Love.

GG: Tell us what inspired you to join Mary Kay?

JE: My mom’s 34 year career in Mary Kay inspired me to start a business of my own coaching women on how to become entrepreneurs.

GG: Tell us about your first significant “Ah-Ha” moment in your career?

JE: The first “Ah-ha” moment I had in my career was when I began dressing for the position I wanted, not for the position I had.  I would put on this red blazer, a short black skirt, and a crisp white blouse with some high heels… and it was like I put on a superwoman cape!  I was only 20 years old at the time, but the “suit” helped me feel confident enough to engage with women who were professionally sharp and feel like an equal.

GG: When away from work what can you be most likely found doing?

JE: When away from the office, I can usually be found drinking black coffee at Starbucks while my 1 year old daughter, Ruby makes friends with every person who stops in for a latte.  🙂  If I’m not there, I’m probably cooking at home – I love to be in the kitchen!

GG: What projects are you most proud of both inside AND outside your profession?

JE: Inside my profession, I am most proud of helping other women achieve their dreams.  I have helped women earn the use of Pink Cadillacs and other career cars, become debt-free, buy homes, pay down credit card bills, surprise their families with vacations paid from their sales profits, grow in self-esteem, and so much more.  I feel like I receive paychecks of the heart all the time and it makes me so proud!  We are also in the Mary Kay history books for retailing over $1,000,000 in a single year which only a handful of women have ever done – it was a busy year haha.

Outside my profession, the project I’m most proud of is the non-profit organization my husband and I founded in 2009 called LoveGrows. We got together with some friends to empower 700+ orphans in Uganda through a variety of sustainability projects – we planted shade houses full of spinach for nutrition, built school houses and employed teachers for education, conducted medical clinics for health and wellness, dental clinics to extend the children’s life expectancy, dug latrines for sanitation, constructed and powered wells for hydration & LIFE… gosh – the list goes on… it has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever been a part of – and God orchestrated it all.  I can’t take any credit whatsoever.

GG:  What local cause most has your heart?

JE: The local cause that most has my heart is LoveGrows – anybody, really, who is taking care of orphaned children definitely has my support and prayers!

GG:  What little known tidbit about you would the Charlotte community get a kick out of knowing?

JE: I was featured on the cover of Carolina Bride Magazine back in 2006 and in order to get “the shot” I had to lay face down in my bridal gown in a huge pile of LEAVES!  I thought my dress was going to get ruined before my big day, but the picture sure was worth it – I have an incredible wedding memento to show my 2 (yes, 2 – I’m due with my 2nd baby girl this June!) daughters someday!!! : )

Interested in becoming a part of learning more about Mary Kay or LoveGrows? Learn more at www.marykay.com andwww.lovegrows.org.